Repair Your Garage Door with Estes Park Garage Door Guy!

The mission of Estes Park Garage Door Guy is to provide the outstanding garage door repair services with full customer satisfaction. At Estes Park Garage Door Guy, we offer repair services of commercial and residential garage doors and openers of all brands. Our main services include: new door installs, replacement, remodeling and repair of all kinds of doors and operators.

We are able to solve all kinds of garage door problems:

Broken springs:

Garage door springs can break anytime without any prior notice. For instance, extreme cold and heat can stress springs to the point of breaking. Sometimes, a normal wear on an older spring could cause them to break. No matter what the situation is, a broken spring can render your door inoperable. Your door will not open and close easily when a spring is broken. We can fix it with our professional experience. Contact us now and get the appointment; we will replace the broken springs.

Damaged, cracked or rotten sections:

Fixing a cracked garaged door section can be a very difficult task for anyone. But before this; it is also difficult to find which section is having a problem. But don’t worry, the Estes Park garage door guy can investigate the problem and fix the damaged, cracked or rotten parts of a garage. Call us at (970) 235-0344; if your door is cracked and damaged.

Jammed Openers:

Opener plays an important role in any garage door system. Now, you know that what happen if it is faulty? A faulty opener cannot able to open or close the door and sometimes may damage your car when you park it in your garage. The Estes park garage door is one of the finest company that offers installation and replacement services to fix all your opener problems with complete care. Contact us now to fix your opener problems.

Roller Repair:

If your garage door rollers have worn out or become loud, a few reasons may be behind this. It may be a simple tear or wear from everyday use of a garage door. It seems like a simple problem, but DIY garage door repairs can be dangerous & sometimes even life threatening. For assistance and free assessment; contact one of the professionally trained staff members. Our experts will fix your problem.

Noisy Garage Door:

Is your garage door loud? Do your neighbors know when you are opening or closing? A noise is a symptom of a cracked or wrecked garage door. If your garage door is noisy then it is required to repair it. We are offering such repairing services to our potential clients & all the repairing tasks are performed by our licensed experts. We also provide our clients a regular maintenance service.

Broken Hinges:

You should replace garage door hinges if you fail to lubricate them. Over time, it becomes rusty and too old. You can purchase hinges from the home supply store, but they are little bit expensive. It is also required a technical knowledge and special kit to replace them. So, it is better to hire garage door repair services & let them do their job. Call us (970) 235-0344 and get the appointment. We will replace the hinges at an affordable rate.

Broken Cables:

The cable used in a garage door mechanism is small. Cables are important because they lift the garage weight using the tension provided by springs. These cables wrap around the drums when closing. They are under a great deal of tension created by springs & are also dangerous to replace it you don’t have proper training and tools. So, why are you putting your life in danger just to save few bucks? Contact us now & get your cables replaced.

Lubrication Service:

Lubrication is a key to garage door health. Many parts of your garage door need frequent lubricating; after all, a garage door is also one of the biggest moving parts of your home. Lubrication is easy to do, but taking it liberally is very harmful. The lubrication process varies depending on door’s configuration. The Estes Park Garage Door Guy is ready to lubricate all parts of garage door; just hire our experts.

All Types of Garage Door Services on just one call:

Having any problem with your garage door? Is your garage door making noise and don’t open or close the door properly? We offer our special services, whether your door & operator stops before going down; a door is heavy to lift, door sections pop while going up and lack or bracing for an operator. We are just one call away. Call on (970) 235-0344 and your issues related garage door will be solved in time.

Why choose Estes Park Garage Door Guy for repair?

We believe in quality service and fast response. Your time is too important so, our professionals will arrive at your home at your convenient time with necessary kits. This means that your garage door will be repaired in the first visit.

Available for 24X7:

We are always there when you need us. Does your garage door or opener need any emergency repair service, just give us a call? We provide 24 hours and 7 days a week emergency service. We also fix your repairing work into your schedule & you will never pay any extra amount for evening or weekends.

UP Front Pricing:

We will inspect your garage door and diagnose the problems as well then and then we present you with the detailed pricing. So, you can easily decide that what you want to be done before we start.

Lifetime Warranty:

We offer an extensive lifetime warranty to our customers. Our warranty covers all the defect in workmanship & also covers parts that we have replaced.

Professional Technicians:

We never send a subcontractor to your home. Before we send them to your home; we send them for the formal training in one of the best industry training programs. You feel better to know that your garage door is in the care of a professional technician who will fix your garage door problem properly.

Quality Hardware and Superior Parts:

Replacing old parts with quality ones means your repair will last longer & your door will function smoothly. The Estes Park garage door guy has connected with the manufacturers that only produce high-quality parts. They may cost a little bit more, but they will last longer 3 times as long!

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