Why Should I Replace the Old Garage Door? What Are the Real Garage Doors?

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Why Should I Replace the Old Garage Door? What Are the Real Garage Doors?

Replace Old Garage Door

First of all, ask yourself that how much old your garage door is? And how well you have been maintaining your garage door? The answers will tell you that you need to replace the garage door or not. They also decide the value of a garage door and home too. But the prior reason to replace the one is the dangers of having an old door. Here we have listed the dangers of old garage door parts.

Springs can be broken at any time.

The springs work under a lot of tension. Generally, the weight of a garage door is around 300 pounds and for a commercial door; the weight is much more. If any of the springs breaks or is defective, the door will be in a dangerous mode for anyone who is standing near the door. Sometimes, it may damage you in no time, injure you or harm your valuable stuff stored in a garage door including car too. Regular wear and tear of a door loosen the springs and so, you need to prepare for it. In such situation, you should replace the springs as soon as possible.

Defects and Outdated technology are there.

Yes, in an old garage, outdated technology is used which is no longer secure for you. If you are using a garage door which is manufactured before 1993 then without any doubt you should replace the garage door or an opener system. Because the old garage doors have many defects that may damage you badly anytime and there is no any type of security features that we need to keep our stuff and belongings secured. It is not a good idea of using 20th century garage door in 21st century.

Routine Wear and tear of all parts

As we open and close the door daily, almost all parts of the door function at that time. So, it is obvious that the corrosion occurs between two parts and due to that the parts are converting in damaged one gradually. According to the garage door experts, the life of a garage door is 10 to 12 years (it’s an average for normal residential doors). So, it should be replaced when the lifespan is over otherwise you will be vulnerable of an old door and you might get an injury when any of the parts are broken.

So, in general, working with an old garage door is not a good idea; it should be replaced before it becomes dangerous for you. Do you need any help to replace the door? We can help you out. You just need to call us (970) 235-0344 and get an appointment; our team will inspect the door and provide you the best possible solutions to your outdated garage door.

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