My Garage Door Opener is Continuously Beeping. I am Scared What to Do?

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My Garage Door Opener is Continuously Beeping. I am Scared What to Do?

garage door opener beeping

The garage door opener are attached with the door to life it up without doing hard work as you have to do while opening a garage door. With the help of opener; you only need to press the button on a remote and door will start opening. It’s as easy as changing a channel of your TV or decreasing the temperature of your AC. This is invented to make homeowner’s life easy but sometimes it becomes a headache too but it only happens if the opener isn’t handled with care.

The most common problem happens with the garage door opener is its beep sound. Yes, when it is continuously beeping, it increases the owner’s anger. Because he has no any idea about what is going on and how to deal with it? He is being frustrated and finding the solution but couldn’t find because he isn’t aware of it. Do you want to hear that beep sound? Absolutely NO. Here, we have described the steps that you should follow to stop the noise coming from an opener.

Reasons of Garage Door Opener Beeping:

A Time is Set: It is set to newer and advanced opener to indicate your door is going to shut down.

Battery Backup: Battery is used to operate a garage door in case of power outage. It beeps when a door is opening using a battery and also beep sound alerts you when something is going wrong.

Low battery: You have ever faced the beep sound coming from your mobile and you clearly judge that it’s a low battery alert. Same thing happens with garage door opener too.

Now, you have a clear idea that why your door opener is beeping? So, it’s a no matter of being worried. Let’s see the solutions of it.

Beeping every 2 seconds:

A door is operating on the battery power. The LED attached to a battery will display orange. Even after the power is restored; LED is orange. It’s time to check your electrical outlet.

Beeping every 30 seconds:

It happens when the battery is low & LED is flashing orange (not solid orange). If the LED is solid red so it is damn sure that your battery is dead & can’t be recharged again. Replacing the battery is an only option. Now, if there is a power and still the battery LED is orange instead of flashing green then replacing a battery is an only option.

If you are facing such issues; you need a help from the garage door repair experts. We are having a professional team of licensed garage door experts to help you when you need. Just call us (970) 235-0344 today & get resolved your door issues.

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