My Garage Door Can’t be Closed. What Should I Do?

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My Garage Door Can’t be Closed. What Should I Do?

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Why won’t my garage door close?

Having a garage door means you need to go through many ups and downs. Sometimes, the ups are not positive for you. If you are trying to close the door and it does not move or it pops upward before closing all the way; there is something wrong with your door and you should take in seriously. Very few reasons may be possible for this bad situation and the answer may be much easier to find than you imagine. Here we have listed some good steps that you should follow when your garage door doesn’t close completely. After following these steps; your door does not close; you should call the professionals to fix it ASAP otherwise you may get big loss in terms of money, your safety and security of your valuable property.

Search for Obstructions:

If your door starts to close but suddenly pops back up before shutting fully, look out the area beneath the garage door. Inspect the path of a door; is there anything that is keeping it from shutting?

Check out the Photo Eyes:

Take a close look at the photo eye sensors on both the sides of your door near the floor. If anything is there between the two photo sensors; a beam will be interrupted (here broken), the garage door will not close. It doesn’t mean that every time some objects in its path, even a dust can break the path. So, you just need to remove dust using a soft cloth from the photo sensors correctly. Don’t forget this step; as a technician; I have seen so many homeowners who don’t follow this step and call us to fix the door issue, while it can be done by themselves within 5 minutes.

Test Batteries – A common reason.

We often forget to check batteries. The very first thing should come in your mind when a garage door doesn’t close after pressing the button is to check the batteries in a remote. Mostly, the batteries are dead after some months; you should replace it with a new one. Also, don’t forget to check batteries in a wall transmitter.

Check for Broken Springs:

If your door springs aren’t adjusted properly to create the appropriate amount of tension in them; your door may not close. So, you need a garage door technician to adjust the tension in the springs. Trying to do this adjustment could be dangerous if you haven’t enough knowledge of it.

After following all the steps listed above; garage door does not close; call us (970) 235-0344 today. We will help you to fix the door problems at a pocket-friendly price. Never ignore garage door problems; it may cause big damage to you. Hire garage door experts to fix it ASAP.

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