Secrets of Garage Door Torsion Springs Most of Homeowners Don’t Know

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Secrets of Garage Door Torsion Springs Most of Homeowners Don’t Know

Secrets of Garage Door Torsion Springs

You are thinking that motor or a garage door opener is responsible for lifting up the door then your thinking is wrong. There are springs that lift up the door and that’s secret for many owners. Torsion springs look different than the normal springs and mounted above the garage door. These springs provide an exact amount of torque that a heavy garage door needs to overcome a force of gravity & lift up the door manually or automatically. To open a heavy door without torsion springs is a too much difficult task.

Secret 1: Torsion Springs Carry 10,000 cycle in it Life Span, isn’t it strange?

They are manufactured with heavy duty steel, but normal wear & tear of daily twisting and turning of coils in each open/close cycle will cause them to lose its torque. Good quality springs carry only 10,000 cycle rating and life of 5-7 years on average usage. While a heavy duty torsion springs carry 25,000 cycles and mostly used for garage doors with daily use.

Secret 2: Working of springs is really amazing. Most of don’t know.

Yes, this is really surprising one; most of the homeowners don’t know about it. The springs are wound tightly on the cable reel & fixed to a wall by nuts & bolts. When a garage door is opened either automatically or manually, springs unwind to serve the right amount of torque needed to help in its opening. When the door is closing; they wind around a reel once again and ready for the next cycle.

Secret 3: The Most Confusing, when should they be replaced?

You will say that springs lifespan is of 5-7 years or till 10,000th cycle. But that’s not completely true. It depends on how frequently you open/close the door and how you maintain it. If your door isn’t maintained then it should be replaced before it reached to 10,000th cycle or before 5 years. In short, when a garage door isn’t opening smoothly as it should be; you need to replace the springs as soon as possible.

Secret 4: Never try to replace it yourself; It may cause dangerous harm to you.

Yes, it is right. If you do not have enough knowledge of replacing the springs; don’t push yourself to replace it. This is a genuine advice. It is better for you to leave this task to the professionals and stay safe.

Final Words:

Hope you got all the secrets of torsion springs. We never keep our customers in dark. We are open to sharing the guidelines and safety tips and problems in their garage door. We love to solve their issues in a short time. Contact us to get repaired your garage door anytime; our experts will assist you in a smooth way.

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